Distance Learning: How I Engage Students

Another major a-ha for me as an online teacher is the dynamic and potential for group involvement. When I describe what I do to people who are, shall we say, “not connected to the world of web culture,” they are amazed. “You mean the kids can see you and hear you? Don’t they get bored?” Well, if all they did was listen to me teach, then yes, they would get bored. Wouldn’t you? Which is why I make sure that my classes do not involve lecturing.

PLP Interview: Smart Teachers Are Writing for "Getting Smart"

Among other work, Getting Smart is helping raise the voices of classroom teachers and school leaders (including several PLPeeps) who are champions of student-centered, technology infused teaching and learning. We asked editorial director Sarah Cargill to tell us more about Getting Smart, its content and goals, and the kinds of writing they’re interested in publishing from “smart teachers.”

Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach: Learn to teach online and become a more connected & creative educator!

My e-course “Teaching Online: Becoming a Connected Educator” is for anyone interested in teaching an online class. The teaching might be associated with a pre-service or graduate level college program for educators — or in a college or K-12 virtual school setting with students. We’ll be looking at how you, as an online instructor, can use the power of technology to create connected learning activities, design your syllabus, and craft ongoing assessments that really unleash the learning of your students.

The "Teacher App" — A Disturbing Vision

In his response to a recent Wall Street Journal article touting rote online learning as the wave of education’s future, Powerful Learning Practice co-founder Will Richardson calls to action every educator who believes that great teaching is not only relevant but essential in the Digital Age. Will’s comments (first published at his blog and then at Edutopia) match the spirit of our Voices from the Learning Revolution group blog, which shares the work and ideas of educators committed to creating a robust vision of teaching and learning in the 21st century. So we’re publishing them again in this space.