Opening the Curtain on Lurking

Our player is me: Stephanie, a second-year fourth grade teacher and novice player on the teacher-tech stage. I could be any one of the many teachers on a similar journey. I would venture to say that we all experience bouts of stage fright at some point in our careers. It is normal. Expected, even. We ask ourselves the same questions: What do I have to offer that someone else can’t supply? What good will my opinion do? Hasn’t my question been asked countless times before?

Our community of 21st Century e-Learners embraces change with a flipped classroom approach

Powerful Learning Practice (PLP) embraces change. We are educators, life long learners and advocates for change. We enjoy connecting, collaborating and co-constructing with educators and administrators from across the globe. We don’t believe in just ‘talking the talk’ but rather walking with you side by side. As you search for new knowledge and strategies, we want to support and challenge your thinking.