1st Graders Self-Assess: "I Want To Be Excellent."

I’ve nodded sagely as people discussed whether students should help create their own assessment rubric. Of course they should. Why doesn’t everyone do this, I wondered? It just never occurred to me to do it in MY classroom. It wasn’t that I didn’t think my students could do it. I somehow didn’t get my thinking from the “should” to the “I’m doing it.” Until this week.

Want Innovation? Put Teachers & Students in Charge of Learning

“If we give teachers the responsibility, the time and most importantly the autonomy to design, implement, evaluate, tweak and improve their pedagogy and curriculum, that is when we will really see innovation happen,” says 30-year veteran and Web 2.0 leader Brian Crosby. “Teachers won’t long put up with colleagues who are not pulling their weight. And others will blossom when given quality, ongoing training and support in what they do.”

Things He Can't Teach

Back in 2008, I read Chris Lott’s blog. He stopped writing for a while and then began again. His earlier posts have disappeared, so I can’t direct you to his wise words. But luckily I copied one of my favorite posts he called, “Things I Can’t...

Looking in the Mirror

photo © 2010 Vinoth Chandar | more info (via: Wylio) At the end of each year, I try to look back and see where I’ve been and where I’m going. This week, using a trial version of Scrivener (which I’m about to upgrade), I’m compiling previous...