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Venturing into Project-Based Learning

Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Less Teacher, More Student, Passion Based Learning, The How of 21st Century Teaching, Voices | 2 comments

“I’ve been reading about Project Based Learning for some time now,” writes international teacher-blogger Jenny Luca, “and struggled trying to find a way to integrate this kind of pedagogy into my regular English classroom practice.” This year Jenny and her teacher teammates included a 3-week PBL experience in their unit on Romeo and Juliet. “This has been one of the most rewarding activities I’ve been involved in this year. I’m invested in it and I can feel that passion for what I do apparent when I’m interacting with the students.”

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TED in My Classroom

Posted by on Mar 16, 2012 in Passion Based Learning, The How of 21st Century Teaching, The Teaching Life, Voices, Web Tools That Deepen Learning |

Framing a lesson is important to me. I try and do this in varied ways; sometimes I’ll share a story, sometimes I’ll use a quote related to a theme, sometimes it’s a picture, and quite often it’s a short video. Something inspiring that helps my students understand its relevance to what we are learning, something that will fire those brain neurons, something that frames our lesson. Something from TED.

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Shift Your School: Creating a Networked Community of Learners

Posted by on Jan 26, 2012 in Local Professional Collaboration, Making The Shift, Teacher Leadership 2.0, The How of 21st Century Teaching, Voices |

As a teacher-librarian it became obvious to me that systemic change was necessary to enable all our students to benefit from the opportunities created by technology and connectedness. Over the past year, the team I work with has been leading change in our school, working to expand our understandings about 21st century information fluency and help our students grow as digital citizens. A dedicated blogging platform, ePortfolios and information fluency certificates are helping us do that.

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I’m Connected, But What Have I Become?

Posted by on Dec 2, 2011 in Global Communities of Inquiry, Making The Shift, The Teaching Life, Voices | 10 comments

In my early days of immersion, I’d sit among friends in conversation and find my mind wandering. The desire to switch on my phone and check my networks was intense, almost like a primal need. I found myself connected to the network, and disconnected from long term friends, even family. It seemed that they didn’t understand, they weren’t part of what was in my immediate field of interest. None of them grasped the magnitude of my new discovery.

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