You’ve asked for it.

Now we’ve got it.

A “Global Parent” cohort is being created for parents who are interested in learning more about socially networked learning spaces for themselves and for their children.Whether it’s Facebook or your child’s Digital Footprint and Online Reputation, our webinars will help you focus on learning more about these social tools.
This cohort is all digital, no face-to-face meetings, running from October to April. Individual parents may join this cohort for $195 for the seven months. Letter of Intent.

Of course, we have new opportunities for teachers and administrators, too.

  • For the “Global Administrator Leader” cohort, we’re looking for educational leaders who want to connect with other leaders around the big conversations and go more deeply into defining what changes schools need to consider.
  • The “Global Educator” cohort will be a community of classroom practitioners who are willing to share their ideas around curriculum and pedagogy but also focus on what it means to be a teacher at this moment and what our changing roles in our students’ lives look like.
  • The “Global NBCT” cohort will be led by Nancy Flanagan, former Michigan Teacher of the Year and nationally board certified teacher as well as PLPeeps, and, as you might expect, it will be heavily aligned to NBCT requirements.

Need more information? Check out the information page on the website or go ahead and sign up with the Letter of Intent.

And don’t forget our Bootcamps for school leaders and administrators. The first one is in Philadelphia and filling up quickly.

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