Recording of June 2nd Coffee Chat

We planned this Virtual Coffee Chat session weeks ago when we laid out a calendar of topics we thought were important to discuss in our weekly chats. How incredible that this topic would land on June 2, 2020 in the middle of protests, riots and what some feel is the verge of a civil war of sorts. More than ever before we need to be having discussions with educators and others about race, equity, justice, hate and love.

Supporting our students in online environment or from a distance requires us to be malleable and flexible with our techniques. Now, more than ever, we as educators may feel like a ringmaster of a circus we didn’t know we were leading. Now, more than ever perhaps, it is critical that we address equity and access in our practice.

How do we, as educators, strive toward the ultimate goal of reaching all of our students with “just right” support when the rest of the world is upside down?

Strategies and Tools Shared

  • Know Your Students with regular check ins
  • Make phone calls (personal or Google Voice)
  • Differentiation through Technology
  • Google Slides to provide a range of activities
  • Use a learning management system by assigning different assignments to specific students (Google Classroom)
  • Modeling and encouraging the use of instructions and feedback through print, voice and video
  • FlipGrid where students can SHOW their work and learning with the use of audio and video
  • Zoom and Meet to do synchronous check-ins with my students and offer “office hours” where they can connect as well
  • Share tips such as virtual backgrounds to protect students who don’t want to show their living spaces etc.
  • Instruction might come in print, by phone or through a 3rd party such as an education assistant or counselor.

The number one thing we have learned as we address equity and accessibility through this transition and seeing what is happening around the world, wherever you are in the process of distance (connected) learning, learning at home, returning in some capacity, and blended learning… is to be patient and give grace. We will never have all of the answers. We will not reach every child, every day in every way. That’s reality and it is the same reality when we are in the classroom as well.

But, the AMAZING transformational practices we continue to see daily come from caring and compassionate educators who strive to reach out, try different things and know, at their core, that reaching one child each day is amazing work. We are all processing, we are all learning, we are all growing. When we support one another in the work we are doing, even in the chats we do here in social media land, it makes a difference. Keep doing THAT good work and we will be stronger together.

Excited learning opportunities from Powerful Learning Practice

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  • engaging learners
  • creating digital
  • supporting and leading in remote settings
  • work-life harmony

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Also launch Wednesday, June 3 is the PLP Community Hub launch day. The Community Hub is place where you can sit with others (virtually) while you get your work done, your questions answered, and enjoy one another’s company. A place where you can take a break now and then and have meaningful discussions online together. Hope to see you soon!

PLP Community Hub

The Connected Learner Experience

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April Chamberlain

April is a Content Expert and Connected Coach for Powerful Learning Practice. From a young age she knew she wanted to be a teacher. She taught elementary students for ten years before becoming the technology teacher for a 3-5 school servicing 1,000+ students. April became the District Technology Integration Specialist supporting all K-12 teachers in her district. After seven years, she had the opportunity to become the Technology and School Library Coordinator where she now works with both the technical and instructional teams to support learning. She is passionate about developing learning resources and opportunities to support all learners of different abilities.
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