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How Kidding Around Can Energize Our Schools & Families

Posted by on Feb 18, 2014 in Student Life, The Teaching Life, Voices |

We need to get happiness back into kids’ lives, says retired principal and school culture consultant Sue Stephenson. “In our 21st century world, media, particularly social media, guarantee that today’s children are bombarded with serious and even frightening issues.” In this excerpt from her book Kidding Around, Stephenson highlights ideas and resources to help students achieve a positive outlook and more success.

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Does Your School Need a Culture Re-Boot?

Posted by on Aug 15, 2013 in Local Professional Collaboration, Student Life, The Teaching Life, Voices, What We're Reading |

As a new book by Kaplan and Owings clearly demonstrates, many schools are mired in an education culture that’s a poor match for the needs of today’s K12 students. They need a culture re-boot – a process explored in detail by the authors and summarized by PLP Voices reviewer Sister Geralyn Schmidt.

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Support Teacher 101

Posted by on Jul 8, 2013 in Student Life, The Teaching Life, Voices | 6 comments

Pulling children out for extra help can be a tricky area to navigate, writes Arwen Kuttner, reflecting on her first year in a support teacher role. “Elementary age children walk a tightrope between craving the individual attention I can give them, and the fear that others will think less of them for needing that attention. I have to normalize the experience and make them feel good about coming.” Here are some ways she works to accomplish that.

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What My Connected Students Taught Me about Motivation

Posted by on May 21, 2013 in Less Teacher, More Student, Making The Shift, Powerful Learning Press, Student Life, Voices, Web Tools That Deepen Learning | 7 comments

When we read about engaging students in the classroom using technology and social media, authors often leave us with the impression that this work will flow gentle as a stream. When talking about motivation and learning in school, grit is most often left out of the conversation. Yet Dan Pink tells us the best predictor of success is grit, defined as perseverance and passion for long term goals. When we found the right authentic project, my 9th grade English learners showed they had the grit to write a 200pp collaborative book!

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