Skills Every 21st-C Teacher Should Know

Have you mastered the 21st century skills every teacher should know? That means, says teacher Susan Lucille Davis: Being a model learner for your students and fellow educators; stepping up and taking charge of your own learning to gain the skills you need; learning from the best teachers you can find, and, finally, giving back to your professional community by sharing what you learn.

Knocked Out of My Orbit: Becoming a 21st Century Educator

I have long believed the role of the teacher is to ask the best questions she can, and to help her students answer them. I also believe, more than ever, in empowering students and teachers with the attitudes and skills necessary to become change-agents in their own lives. That includes leveraging the powerful tools made available by new technologies to help students and teachers become co-creators of knowledge collaboratively and online.

Chinquapin Prep: The Revolution Continues

Chinquapin Prep was founded in the belief that with hard work and determination, students could reap the benefits of a quality education, attend college, find meaningful work that would allow them to show the world what children from poverty – black, Hispanic, and white — could achieve, and produce citizens who could give back to the communities from which they sprang. Today, Chinquapin’s students are 21st century learners, prepared to thrive in a challenging global community.